Q. How long will it take for you to make my mask?
A. Our typical mask production is about 60 days during our busy season (April - September). Charges do apply for rush orders
Q. Do you ship outside the US?
A. Of course, we will ship your mask anywhere you like
Q. Do you give discounts if I order a bunch of masks?
A. Of course we do... If you order 5 or more masks. Email or Call us to discuss
Q. Do you offer your masks in different colors?
A. Every mask we make can be painted how you want within reason. Check out our site to see some different variations we do or you can call/email us to discuss paint schemes
Q. Can you make me my very own custom mask?
A. Of course we can, we can make you anything you can think up! We love doing custom work.
Q. My mask ripped!! What do i do? Is it under warranty?
A. Our masks have a lifetime warranty against Rips and Tears as long as you didn't run it through a wood chipper or meat grinder.  We can tell you how to fix it or you can just ship that bad boy back to us and we will fix it for you.  We stand behind our work 100%!!  Return shipping is on customers
Q. Are the burlap masks Flame Retardant?
A. We apply an industry and fire marshal approved Fire Retardant to every mask we send out. But like anything, get enough heat and put a lighter to it, it's going to burn just like anything else! Be careful